The Trisak Group

The Trisak Group has been in the  automation system industry for more than 40 years and is determined to be a part of the development of automation systems in various industries in Thailand. We divided the group into  3 companies for the purpose of specific appropriate engineering arrangements.

Our History


Trisak Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 under the name of Trisak Panich Limited Partnership as a joint venture between  Thai investors and the Miyagawa Company of Japan.


Changed the name from Trisak Panich Partnership Co., Ltd. to Omron-Trisak Co., Ltd.


Factory Automation Centre Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 under the management of  Trisak Automation Co., Ltd.


Hytron-Trisak Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 as a joint venture between the Trisak Group and the Miyagawa Corporation of Japan under the management of the Trisak Group.


Changed the name from Omron-Trisak Co., Ltd. to Trisak Automation Co., Ltd.

Trisak Automation Co., Ltd.

Trisak Automation Co., Ltd. is the official distributor of Omron products (Authorized Engineering distributor) with more than 40 years of operation in this business. We provide 4 main product groups:

General Products

Relay, Socket, Timer, Counter, Limit Switch, Float less Switch, Etc.

Sensors Products

Photo Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Optic fiber Sensor, Vision Sensor, 2-3 D Barcode Sensor, Safety Sensor

High Technology Products

PLC , Inverter, Servo Motor, Touch Screens and RFID

Robotics Products

Mobile Robot, Delta Robot, 6-Axis Robot, Scara Robots

Hytron-Trisak Co., Ltd.

Hytron-Trisak Co., Ltd. has been an official distributor of Yaskawa Inverter  (Authorized Engineering Distributor) for more than 40 years.

Yaskawa Inverter  are designed for use in general applications and specific work such as use with Lift, Cranes, Water Pump, Fans and Compressor etc.

Regenerative Power Inverters are a product group that helps to conserve the world. They take the remaining energy from the result of Regenerative Power and convert such power into energy that can be recycled, such as with models U1000,R1000 Inverters.

In addition Hytron-Trisak Co., Ltd. also has engineers who are skilled in various applications that use Inverters for system design, setup and system installation to ensure that your inverters are installed correctly. They should have reasonable heat dissipation, be energy-saving, safe and easy to maintain.

Yaskawa Inverter

Lifts, Cranes, Water Pumps, Blowers, Compressors

Regenerative Power Inverter

U1000, R1000 Inverters

Factory Automation Centre Co., Ltd.

Factory Automation Centre Co., Ltd. is a distributor of Servo Motors, Motion Controllers and Robotic products by Yaskawa. In addition, the company designs and installs engineering projects and solves problems according our customer’s needs. Other products include Sensors, Grippers, and Mechanical or Ball Screws. They are applied in conjunction with the design by: 1. Parts Sales such as with Servo Motors, Robots and Nitto Control Boxes 2. Project work that includes design, installation, programming, commissioning and installation.


Servo Motors, Robots, Nitto Control Boxes


Installation, Programming and Commissioning

All 3 companies under the Trisak Group employ engineers who have expertise in each field and have more than 40 years of experience through work in many industries. We are trusted by many high technology customers who use the engineering service of Trisak Group.

Examples of customers who have used and trust the services of the Trisak Group.

Automobile Industry: Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu
Electrical and Computer Industry: Western Digital, Seagate
Packaging Companies: SCG Packaging, Linapack
Food and Medical Companies: CP, Betagro
Mechanical Builders and Robotics: SMC (Thailand), Sinco Technology, Matsui Asia

The Trisak Group – Leading Distributors

Trisak Automation is also a leading distributor that is trusted and certified by top global brands in the automation industry.

Certificated by Omron Electronics as an Official Distributor