Place order Process

1. In case of new customers, click “Register new customers”.

2.fill out After that, click “Save” and wait for the company to verify and confirm the information. After that, the company will send User and Password via your email.

3. Click the “Login” button to enter the system.

4. Enter the User name and Password that the company sent to your email.

5. Click on the “Our Products” page to view the list and select products.

6. Click to select a product. who want to order for details and to place an order

7. When choosing the product you want to order, click “Add to Cart”.

8. After selecting the products you want to order, click on the basket image and click “Order and Pay”.

9. when checking information Completely correct, click “Place order”

10. When the system accepts your order The company will inform the order number. can be used to check the status of the order

11. To check order list and order status. Clicking on “order” will display order status details.

12. Customers attach payment documents / purchase order documents.